Police Support For International Nurses Day

Media Release
Tuesday 12 May 2020

From left to right: PANSW President Tony King; NSWNMA St Vincent's Hospital Branch Secretary Kirstel Alken;  St Vincent's Director of Nursing, A/Prof Anna Thornton and Superintendent Paul Carrett, Kings Cross PAC Commander.


Police officers from across Sydney city are taking part in a parade past St Vincent’s Hospital from 10.45am today to support NSW nurses on International Nurses Day (12 May).

“Our message to nurses today is that you inspire us. Above all we admire and value the life-saving work you do every day and every night of every week,” says Tony King, president of the Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW).

“Nurses have been on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19 and the least we could do today is to acknowledge their bravery and show them our respect.

“Whether it’s a metropolitan hospital, like St Vincent’s, or a health clinic in rural NSW, our members frequently work hand in hand with nurses to protect the health and safety of our communities.

“Police officers see firsthand the dedicated and selfless work that nurses perform often under the most difficult of circumstances – be that in an emergency context or a mental health setting or aged care or in any of their specialist areas.

“We also place the highest possible value on the caring skills and expertise that nurses have provided to our members when their lives have been on the line,” says Tony King.

“Just two years ago, for example, our member Det Sgt John Breda was clinging to life on Australia Day when he was brought to this very hospital after being viciously stabbed. The nurses here fought for hours to save his life, and weeks to get him out of ICU and months to nurse him back to full health and full duties.

“So from the Police of New South Wales to the nurses of New South Wales, we say thank you and we give you a huge thumbs up for the work you do to keep our communities healthy and safe.”



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