Timely poll confirms positive public sentiment toward Police


The performance of NSW Police in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has registered an approval rating of up to 80% in a poll of 1099 NSW citizens by Essential Research.

“Almost a year after the pandemic took hold in Australia this is a timely boost for the morale of officers around the state”, says Tony King, President of the Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW).

Mr King said the survey has confirmed that the perceived value of the work done by police officers during the Covid responses of 2020 ranks side by side with nurses and other emergency services workers.

“On the other hand it remains beyond disappointing that our members are still waiting to receive a decision from the Industrial Relations Commission on our 2020 Award pay case,” says Mr King.

“In three weeks’ time we will be holding our (postponed) Biennial Conference where Police Association delegates from across New South Wales will want to know where the Coalition Government stands on finalising our Award as we emerge from the pandemic.

“Along with other emergency services workers, police officers are sick of being told our work is highly respected and valued week after week, but then being disrespected and devalued when it comes to fundamentally important decisions on pay and conditions and their future financial security.

“When the time arrives to return to the booths at the next State election it’s very likely that our frustration will be channelled by targeting blue ribbon seats. We may well be targeting the Upper House tickets at those seats to direct voters to support parties that back fair pay and conditions for emergency services workers”.

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