Scrap the Cap: Cops call for end to NSW wage cap

PANSW Media Release: 21 February 2019

Police are calling for an end to the restrictive NSW Government public sector wage cap, saying the 2.5% cap will inevitably lead to essential workers, such as police, moving interstate.

Police Association of NSW President, Tony King, said the 2.5% wage cap for public sector workers is barely above inflation, meaning many essential workers are struggling to keep afloat.

“The NSW Government wage cap is hurting the people the community relies on most – our essential workers such as police, paramedics and nurses.

“Police and our essential workers are being squeezed at both end – we’ve got a wage cap barely above inflation and at the same time the cost of essentials such as housing, power bills and childcare are all rapidly rising.

“This restrictive wage cap means that we’ve got essential workers, like cops and nurses, unable to live anywhere near where they work.

“Anecdotally, we know we’re already seeing our cops head to other jurisdictions where they can earn a decent living wage. It doesn’t take much foresight to see that those numbers are going to balloon unless something is done.

“We know that economists are urging higher wage growth in order to sustain economic growth, but it seems the Berejiklian Government isn’t interested in listening to the advice of the experts.

“Even the Government’s own budget assumptions, which it used to forecast strong economic growth and budget position, were based on a projected wage price index above the NSW Government’s own wages cap. The Berejiklian Government’s forecast surplus is based on wages growth that it actively prevents for a huge number of workers in the state.

“The wage cap is not only hurting households right across the state, but it could soon hurt economic growth too.

“Cops have accepted pay increases over the past years that have worked within the wage cap. Now that the coffers are in a good state, it’s time to give back to the workers who contribute so much to this state.”


Tony King is available for media comment from Parliament House, Canberra, today.



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