It's time for a THUMBS UP!


A show of support for everyone: #ThumbsUp4SafeCommunities

From the weekend of 18/19 April we have started a small campaign aimed at goodwill for both our members and all frontline workers and the communities of New South Wales.

Times are tough but there's always room for goodwill to see us through!

We chose a Thumbs Up because it's easy to share and it basically sends a positive message in this uniquely troubling time.

It's an easy way in these days of social distancing to signal 'It's OK' and 'You're doing good' and 'Thank you' - all rolled into one easy gesture. 

You can see how this has been tracking on:

Our challenge to you: Take a THUMBS UP photo and share it 

We've been receiving and gathering photos from out in the community and sharing those on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can be a part of this campaign simply by taking your own Thumbs Up photo/s to post on your own social media with the hashtag #ThumbsUp4SafeCommunities

If it's easier you can also send photos to  

Thanks : )

You can also join our campaign to say thank you and support those who are keeping our community safe by saving the picture below and saving it as your profile picture to help fill Facebook with messages of support #ThumbsUp4SafeCommunities




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