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NSW Police targets would-be lone wolves

A new NSW Police unit will work with mental health professionals to identify and target people at risk of becoming lone wolf terrorists.

Penalty rate cuts are bad for the economy, say 78 experts

Seventy-eight Australian economists have signed an open letter criticising the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash penalty rates.

Law Reform Commission’s push to hide violent prisoners from police

DERANGED killers could get even more protections as the government is urged by law reformers to keep their release secret even from the police.

Refugee crime ‘strike’ threat: Fairfield police to go slow unless they get 10 new officers, multicultural liaison

POLICE in Sydney’s most deadly suburbs are threatening to go slow on crime because there is too much of it.

Camden Police have agreed to end industrial action after 10 new officers were promised for the region

Camden Police have ended their ongoing industrial action after the police union reached an agreement to add 10 new officers to Camden Local Area Command (LAC).

Police achieve their goal

Camden Local Area Command will have 10 new police officers in the coming weeks.

Critical police shortage in Camden and Wollondilly

Severe staff shortages have forced Camden police officers to ramp up industrial action which could cause serious delays in response times.

NSW Cabinet reshuffle: Police surprised by ministry split, Labor says counter-terrorism separation 'farcical'

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's decision to create a separate portfolio for counter-terrorism has taken the state's police force by surprise, sources have told the ABC.

Counter terrorism police operations in Australia being targeted by the very suspects they are pursuing

COUNTER terrorism police operations are being targeted by the very suspects they are pursuing.

Sydney's last drinks and lockout laws are working

Almost four years ago, 18-year-old Daniel Christie was out with his brother and mates in Kings Cross to celebrate New Year. At 9pm a drunken man attacked the group from behind, on the street, beating the teenagers in a savage senseless attack that took just 90 seconds.

Police Association backs Troy Grant to keep job in NSW cabinet reshuffle

The NSW Police Association is calling for Police Minister Troy Grant to be retained in the job in the interests of continuity during a forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.

Enmore axe attack: Police carpeted over CCTV footage leak

MOBILE phones were seized from 15 officers amid a police “witch hunt” over the leaking of CCTV footage of an axe rampage at a Sydney 7-Eleven.

Officers furious ‘future of NSW Police Force has stalled’

Detectives in the country’s largest police force are increasingly angry with the NSW government’s failure to appoint a new generation of leaders, with a draft letter circulating among senior officers asking “Why has the ¬future of the NSW Police Force stalled?”.

Camden police take further action

Camden police unanimously decided to ramp up industrial action at a meeting this morning in a bid to get extra police in Camden and Wollondilly before the peak Christmas season.

Camden Police will take further industrial action as they fight to increase the number of officers immediately

Camden police will ramp up industrial action as they push for a larger allocation of officers, pledging to hand out warnings instead of infringement notices for traffic, parking and rail offences.

Police officers urged to use support program

Former police officers and their families are being urged to make contact with NSW Police Legacy’s support initiative, BACKUP For Life, as it expands its services in 2017, the organisation has said.
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