Cops, pollies back new ASEAN police powers

Top government and police officials have backed tough security measures which will be imposed on Sydney ahead of this weekend's ASEAN summit.

NSW emergency slow down laws on agenda

NSW drivers may be forced to slow down to 40km/h when passing emergency service vehicles if "long overdue" laws pass parliament this week.

NSW Police spending whole shifts taking prisoners to court across the state leaving towns ‘at risk’

REGIONAL cops are being dragged from frontline work to spend whole shifts transporting prisoners to court in a farcical situation they warn is leaving their towns severely vulnerable.

NSW towns left without first response police

Officers are being taken away from frontline work to transport prisoners to court, leaving small towns at risk.

NSW spends less on crime fighting than any other state and has fewer police officers per person

But despite the shocking findings, contained in a new Productivity Commission report, Police Minister Troy Grant yesterday insisted the NSW Police Force was “the envy of the Western world” and said statistics showed crime rates were falling.

Sydney to mark Hilton bombing 40 years on

Four decades after a bomb blast ripped through a Sydney street, the city will pause to remember the lives lost and reflect on how one of Australia's first tastes of terror changed the nation.

Sydney housing crisis puts essential services under pressure as workers leave city

There are calls for more subsidised housing for Sydney's essential workers after a report found the city was losing workers because of the housing affordability crisis.

Five years on, Bryson Anderson's family are still waiting for answers

When Sydney Detective Sergeant John Breda was viciously stabbed on Friday afternoon, cops – and their families – felt the pain and the anger.

Police call for social media to face up

The Police Association has slammed the social media giant for its reluctance to remove the twisted message, which it called “nothing short of sickening”.

The "last drinks" laws reducing violence in Australia

For years it looked like Australians could not give a Castlemaine XXXX for their rising tide of alcohol-related violence. Then, a decade ago, one city called time, literally.

Newcastle solution is working

For emergency services workers like myself, and anyone else who has ever been exposed to the horrors of drunken violence, it’s without question that the Newcastle solution is working.

"The government can no longer gamble with the safety of the people of NSW."

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) has criticised the low number of officers in the NSW Police Force.

Police Association urges a boost in police numbers by 2500

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) has urged the government to boost police numbers by at least 2500 in the next five years, or risk the safety of the people of NSW.

NSW police officer given a 'life sentence'

Nearly $80,000 has been raised for a NSW police officer who was given a "life sentence" when he lost his foot after a texting driver crashed into him and his colleague as they were setting up an RBT in Sydney's southwest.

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