Camden police take further action

Kayla Osborne
Camden police unanimously decided to ramp up industrial action at a meeting this morning in a bid to get extra police in Camden and Wollondilly before the peak Christmas season.
Last week the Police Association of NSW said local officers were struggling to meet the needs of the region’s rapidly expanding population.
Police Association representative and police officer Rod Sheraton said Camden Local Area Command officers felt they had no choice but to put more pressure on the government.
“It’s crazy to think the state government has not invested more police in the area to cope with population growth,” he said.
“We are now at the point where they have gone to stage two industrial action which doesn’t sit comfortably with police because they just want to do their job but they have been left with no other option unfortunately.”
Stage two industrial action includes giving warnings instead of traffic or parking infringement notices.
It also means police won’t record statistics.
Mr Sheraton said this level of industrial action would reduce state revenue.
“The police will still be doing their job, they just won’t be recording it as they should,” he said.
“It is more disruptive to police management than to the general public.”
Industrial action will continue until January 16.

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