Camden Police will take further industrial action as they fight to increase the number of officers immediately

Daniel Zautsen
Camden police will ramp up industrial action as they push for a larger allocation of officers, pledging to hand out warnings instead of infringement notices for traffic, parking and rail offences.
They will also not record statistics.
In a meeting this morning, the NSW Police Association Camden branch unanimously voted to take the industrial action as part of their campaign to seek more officers in the rapidly growing area.
Camden LAC had an increase of 1600 call outs in the last financial year on previous years.
The branch will meet on January 16 to decide whether to continue with the industrial action.
Police Association of NSW representative Rod Sheraton said officers didn’t want to take further action but felt it was needed to force NSW Police and the State Government into immediate action.
“The police will still be doing their job, they just won’t be recording it as they should,” he said. “It is more disruptive to police management than to the general public.”
Mr Sheraton said the branch had lobbied for about two-and-a-half years to have their staffing increased.
“We’ve still got the same police numbers (96) as we did in 2012,” he said.
“Camden LAC has experienced some of the largest development in housing estates in the state... this has seen a massive increase in population and it’s crazy to think the state government has not invested in police numbers.”

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