Homicide squad investigate police shooting

By Perry Duffin
NEWS, July 26 AAP - Police will conduct an internal investigation and independent review after officers shot and killed a man at Sydney's Central Station.
Officers were called to the florist at the entrance to the station following reports of an armed robbery at around 6:45pm on Wednesday evening.
After a short stand off a man of Asian appearance was shot dead, police told reporters on Wednesday night.
A critical incident investigation team, headed up by the homicide squad, will look into all aspects of the shooting, including the discharge of firearms, police Acting Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton said.
"That investigation will be subject to an independent review in accordance with police policy and guidelines," he said.
That information will be handed to the coroner and police are appealing for witnesses.
Earlier Salim, who owns the kebab shop near the florist, told AAP he rushed out after he heard people screaming.
He said he saw the florist, who has worked at the station for decades, covered with blood.
"I heard a noise - three shots - but I only realised what it was after I heard someone screaming," he said.
Salim said he saw the man suspected of attacking the florist lying on the ground surrounded by police as he rushed to help his friend.
"I feel bad for (the florist)," he said.
"He's a great person."

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