Inverell police association members call for building fund commitment

The Inverell Branch of the Police Association of NSW are calling on the State Government to progress the building of a new police station at Inverell saying a commitment to funding is long overdue.
“Inverell Police Station was built in 1969 for use by 14 officers, today there are close to 50 officers working in what can only be described as inadequate, uncomfortable and cramped conditions,”  Police Association Western Organiser, Rod Sheraton said.
“The only way to meet the community's policing needs is to build a larger and more modern 24-hour police station for the region’s fast growing population.
“Our members are working in conditions that would not be tolerated in other working environments.
“There is only one formal interview room, the roof leaks in sections across the station, and the car park floods.
“A tiny out dated muster room with only three computers including tired and broken furniture is a further sad indictment overall.
Mr Sheraton said toilet facilities were inadequate while there were problems with storage and access, and there was no fire escape from the top floor.
“Quite simply, the layout is counterproductive to modern policing and a professional working environment - the front counter only permits one officer to serve one member of the public at a time.”
Mr Sheraton said Northern Tablelands MP, Adam Marshall had already acknowledged the need for a larger and more modern station for the town.
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Troy Grant MP, reportedly also toured the station in December and agreed that money for improvements should be allocated in the Police Property Budget. Read more>>

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