Mayor comments on police numbers

Narromine mayor Craig Davies said he would welcome extended hours for police and extra officers appointed to the shire.
He said he was no expert on police numbers, but “I’d love to see one to two more police officers coming into the shire.”
Mr Davies’ comments follow a call by the Police Association for the NSW Government to boost police numbers by at least 2500 in the next five years or risk the safety of the NSW people.
President of the Police Association of NSW Scott Weber made the call last Thursday, highlighting concerns due to “years of neglect to country policing”.
But NSW Police Minister and Dubbo MP Troy Grant said the government and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller were already working to boost police numbers.
Mr Weber said the planned re-engineering of the NSW Police Force had highlighted a shortfall of sworn front line officers with more than 500 vacant positions in metropolitan police stations alone.
He said police officers have gone to other areas, such as protecting NSW from terrorism, but officers have also been moved from local units.
“If this under-resourcing continues, the people of NSW will be put at risk with even extended response times not being met,” he said.

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