NSW lockout laws relaxed after review

AAP: NSW's controversial lockout laws will be relaxed, Premier Mike Baird has announced.
Closing times for Sydney CBD venues would move from 3am to 3.30am and lockout times would be moved from 1.30am to 2am if live entertainment was provided, he said on Thursday.
The statewide ban on buying takeaway alcohol after 10pm will be pushed back to 11pm under the changes.
The changes were part of the recommendations made by former High Court judge Ian Callinan in a report handed to the state government three months ago.
"Mr Callinan found that the lockout laws introduced in February 2014 have resulted in much safer, quieter and cleaner areas," Mr Baird said.
"He made some common-sense suggestions for changes that we are confident will further enhance nightlife in the precincts without undermining the essential purpose of the laws, which is to make the CBD and (Kings) Cross places where people can enjoy a safe night out."
A two-year trial of a later 2am lockout and 3.30am last drinks will be allowed under an exemption for venues that offer live entertainment, live performances or art and cultural events.
The government will make the changes by regulation, and restrictions will be eased in January.
Police Minister Troy Grant said the government would allow bottle shops to stay open later from next month to allow them to capitalise on the busy summer period.
Changes to the three-strikes rule and the liquor licence freeze would require legislation that would be presented to parliament in early 2017, he said.

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