NSW Police Association Central Hunter branch halt industrial action over police numbers

Sage Swinton
Confidence that more officers will join them on the ground has led Central Hunter police to put their industrial action plans on ice.
The command’s NSW Police Association branch voted in October to commence action over what they said was the NSW Government’s lack of answers about increased police numbers under a long-awaited re-engineering process.
Police Minister Troy Grant said the re-engineering process would put more police on the ground. But NSW Police Association Central Hunter chairman Mitch Dubojski said the command had been given no assurances of additional staff, despite a desperate need for more officers.
The branch commenced industrial action on November 3, to send a message to the NSW Police Force senior executive that they needed help.
But the action was suspended last Thursday after the Police Commissioner pledged to assess what additional resources and positions were needed in the Central Hunter by mid December.
The action, which included things such as taking assigned breaks, will be held off until December 16, and escalated from then if no commitment is made.
 NSW Police Association Central Hunter chairman Mitch Dubojski said the branch had asked for 20 more officers to cope with the growing needs of the community.
“We are desperate,” Mr Dubojski said.
“We’re going to need a lot more if we want to service the community effectively.”
Mr Dubojski said there had been a good flow of communication between the local branch and the senior executive of the police force over the past few weeks.
“We’ve gained some momentum, they’re starting to listen,” he said.
“We’re explaining, and making sure we are as clear as possible, what the needs of the community are.
“I think we’ve been quite reasonable.”

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