Police call for social media to face up

FACEBOOK claimed an abusive post threatening to kill police did not “go against any of our specific community standards” and it was not pulled down for several days.
The Police Association has slammed the social media giant for its reluctance to remove the twisted message, which it called “nothing short of sickening”.
The Daily Telegraph can reveal the post was first reported to Facebook as “a credible threat of violence”. Two days later, Facebook told one of several users who had reported the content — which suggested donors provide “rewards for officers (sic) heads on sticks” — that the post would stay.
“We’ve looked over the page you reported and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific community standards, we understand that the page or something shared on it may still be offensive to you,” Facebook said.
While the post was eventually removed later that day, Facebook has not commented on why it reversed its earlier decision. The Police Association has demanded Facebook review the way it deals with threatening content.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, Digital Print Edition 

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