Police officers urged to use support program

Former police officers and their families are being urged to make contact with NSW Police Legacy’s support initiative, BACKUP For Life, as it expands its services in 2017, the organisation has said.
Minister for Police Troy Grant was named on Wednesday as the first Ambassador of the BACKUP For Life mentoring program by the organisation’s chair, Paul Bousfield,  and the president of the Police Association of NSW, Scott Weber.
Mr Grant said the program is one of five initiatives forming the overarching project, which has gone from strength to strength since its launch in August.
“I am enormously proud to be named an Ambassador … I look forward to working closely with Police Legacy and the Police Association to ensure the mentoring program is made available to all those who need it.
“BACKUP For Life represents the fulfillment of one of the government’s key election commitments, and I am so proud that it is the first government-funded initiative of its kind in Australia, designed to work not just with former officers, but their families as well.”

Mr Bousfield said eight former officers and one current serving officer have  already undergone training to become mentors, with further training courses to be held in February and April.
“The mentoring program is absolutely crucial as we see many former NSW police officers transitioning out of the job facing a broad range of challenges when they return to a civilian lifestyle, in particular mental health issues, which can significantly impact on their immediate family,” he said.
Mr Weber paid tribute to officers across NSW, saying BACKUP For Life recognises their valuable service and the challenges they face in adapting to post-police life.
“It takes a particular type of person to step forward, often into harm’s way, and commit themselves to such a job, giving up their own peace of mind to preserve it for others.
“We thank the NSW Government for their funding commitment to BACKUP For Life – without their support, this project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground.”
More information at http://www.policelegacynsw.org.au/what-is-backup-for-life/

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