Refugee crime ‘strike’ threat: Fairfield police to go slow unless they get 10 new officers, multicultural liaison

Ben Pike

POLICE in Sydney’s most deadly suburbs are threatening to go slow on crime because there is too much of it.
Officers at Fairfield will this week decide whether to use a limited form of strike action unless they get at least 10 new officers and another multicultural liaison officer.
Fairfield is the most disadvantaged area in Sydney and has a murder rate almost double the state average. It had 17 shootings in the past year, including three murders.
Police sources said the arrival of more than 5700 refugees last year from war-torn Syria and Iraq has been the last straw for the station’s 160 officers, who were already stretched to the limit.
“Refugees are putting pressure on the police who are trying to keep their heads above water,” a police source, who did not want to be named, said.
“Police are talking about starting industrial action.”
NSW Police Association president Scott Weber said 10 positions at Fairfield need to be filled “as a matter of urgency”.
Industrial action involves police completing paperwork immediately after going out on a non-urgent job, as opposed to doing it at the end of the shift.

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