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Our campaign for more NSW Police is gaining traction. Each week, we’ve turned the spotlight on key frontline areas, demonstrating the urgent need for 2500 officers to meet the challenges of our rapidly growing state. 

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Upper Hunter MP welcomes 1500 new officers to NSW Police Force

UPPER Hunter MP Michael Johnsen has welcomed the NSW Government’s recent announcement that 1500 new officers will be added to the NSW Police Force.

NSW to get 1500 more new police officers

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Police Minister Troy Grant have announced the NSW Police force will be bolstered by 1500 new officers.

Premier and Barilaro announce 1500 boost to NSW police ranks

NSW Government will get an extra 1500 new police officers – the biggest increase for the NSW Police Force in more than 30 years.

Tamworth branch of Police Association of NSW optimistic about 1500 new police for state as it calls for 25 extra positions for Tamworth

THE Tamworth branch of the police union will push for custody sergeant as well as two dozen more uniformed officers as it fights for a share of the new round of 1500 officers.

Are the royals in danger? Elite police unit reveals it is FORTY cops short - in the middle of Harry and Meghan's maiden visit to Australia

Daily Mail: The safety of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have been at risk as they touched down in Sydney on Monday amid revelations NSW Police are wildly understaffed.

Tamworth crime: residents share crime concerns with Back the Blue petition

Northern Daily Leader: Crime concerns saw people lining up in droves to sign a petition for more police officers on the ground.

Tamworth branch of the Police Association of NSW to set-up in Fitzroy Street Tamworth in campaign for more resources

Northern Daily Leader: After more than a month of campaigning, the Tamworth branch of the Police Association of NSW will set-up shop in the Fitzroy Street mall on Thursday to get the community to back their push for more boots in Tamworth and the wider Oxley Police District.

Residents slam NSW Government for lack of policing resources to tackle rural crime across six Riverina shires

The Rural: Residents have slammed the NSW Government for its lack of policing resources to tackle rural crime across six Riverina shires.

NSW Police Association is calling for four officers in Cessnock to monitor pedophiles

Cessnock Advertiser: The NSW Police Association is calling for four dedicated police officers in Cessnock to monitor known sex offenders.

Tweed a crime mecca as shadow minister demands more police

Tweed Daily News: SHADOW Police Minister Guy Zangari has condemmed Tweed MP Geoff Provest for failing to protect the community amid an ongoing crime spree.

Paedophile problem: Fears insufficient police to ‘keep an eye on these grubs’

Central Western Daily: A severe lack of police resources could be putting children at risk according to the Police Association of NSW.

Call for more police in Penrith to tackle ‘ice’ epidemic

Western Weekender: The Police Association of NSW is advocating for 85 more officers in the Nepean Police Area Command to tackle the growing ‘ice’ epidemic.

Northern Rivers paedophiles going unmonitored

Tweed Daily News: Paedophiles and child abusers are going unmonitored in the Tweed and some are being lost in the system entirely due to a lack of police resources.

Police shortage leaving Hunter Valley’s paedophiles unmonitored, according to PANSW executive member Ian Allwood

Hunter Valley News: A severe lack of police resources is leaving the north region’s children at risk, with known child sex offenders going unmonitored for extended periods of time - and even being lost from the system entirely.

Staff shortfall leaves Macarthur’s convicted paedophiles unchecked

Macarthur Advertiser: More than 200 paedophiles in Macarthur are not being appropriately monitored due to a lack of police in the region.

PANSW says there's not enough cops to monitor child sex offenders in NSW

Northern Daily Leader: POLICE are under-resourced to monitor child sex offenders in the region, the association claims as its campaign to deploy thousands of extra cops intensifies.

Calls for backup as police struggle with ice-related crime

Blacktown Advocate: WESTERN Sydney police are “drowning” in rising ice-related crime, according to the state’s police union.

Child sex sickos go unmonitored, dodging stretched police

Daily Telegraph: MORE than 200 registered child sex offenders are missing in NSW — and police have no idea where to find them. Many of those who have slipped the net simply provided false addresses while others have moved without informing the authorities — something they are required to do to stay out of jail.

More than 200 registered child sex offenders evade police in one Australian state alone - as officers admit they can’t cope

Daily Mail Australia: More than 200 child sex offenders are able to evade detection in one Australian state alone - with a police chief admitting there aren't enough officers on the job to keep a track of them.

Police have lost track of 200 registered child sex offenders

Kidspot: The Police Association president said that part of the issue is that the NSW Police Force is drastically understaffed - meaning that it’s nearly impossible for officers to keep track of sex offenders.

NSW election 2019: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers join call for extra police services

Northern Daily Leader - POLITICAL opponents have joined together in a call for more police infrastructure in Tamworth. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Jeff Bacon said there was a need for more space for the current level of staff at the Tamworth Police Station.

Moama’s cops ‘overwhelmed’

Tatura Guardian: Moama police are drowning, trying to deal with the region’s drug and crime issues, according to the Police Association of NSW.

School kids on ice

Merimbula News: School children as young as 14 have been caught using the drug ‘ice’ by local police, but a lack of resources is hampering their efforts to contain the drug, according to the Police Association of NSW (PANSW).

Tamworth branch of the NSW police association pushes for more officers in meeting with Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson

The Northern Daily Leader: The head of the state’s police association says the region’s new regional enforcement squad (RES) needs to be tripled in size if it’s to put a dent in the local ice scourge.

Tamworth Regional Council to lobby NSW government for more police

The Northern Daily Leader: TAMWORTH Regional Council has been called on to lobby the state government for more police in the Oxley district.

Worboys listens to Goulburn requests for more officers

Goulburn Post: A police boss charged with combating crime in regional areas says he’s listening to arguments for more resources to deal with the drug ‘ice.’

Ice is dominating our work’: NSW police want 2500 more officers to combat ice epidemic

9News: The New South Wales Police Association is seeking an extra 2500 officers as it battles a growing crystal meth epidemic.

Muswellbrook labelled one of NSW’s ice hot spots

Muswellbrook Chronicle: OFFICERS in the Hunter Valley Police District are calling for a significant increase in their numbers dedicated to dealing with the region’s ice epidemic, which is destroying a generation of children and tearing families apart.

Police Association says an extra 106 cops needed in South Coast Police District

Bega District News: Police in the South Coast Police District are calling for a significant increase in the number of officers dedicated to dealing with the district’s ice epidemic.

Police union releases shocking images to highlight NSW’s ice problem

Daily Telegraph: BRUTAL pictures show just how bad Australia’s ice problem has become and bloodied police officers say they have had enough.
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