Border Deployment

An Entitlements fact sheet is located in the attachment field below.

Police Association members with questions or feedback about deployments can email those to 


  • Closure of the state’s border with Victoria came into effect from 12.01am Wednesday, 8 July.
  • On 15 October ADF personnel were disengaged from border deployment. 
  • As of 15 October additional police resources are being deployed to the border. 


  • 15/10/30 - Cold climate uniform issue is ceasing for all areas with the exception of Monaro. Hot climate uniform including headwear is being distributed. 

  • 28/8/20 – PANSW representations made to the POC objecting to 9 day deployment and raising numerous issues including carers needs, fatigue, rosters there and on return, cancelled rest days, excess B shifts, WHS concerns, cold climate and working in heat (later months). POC have confirmed 9 day deployment proposal currently on HOLD.

  • 26/8/20 - PANSW has been informed by NSWPF that deployments 1 to 5 have had their Special Ops Allowance payments processed. There are a number of outstanding claims for meals that still have not been processed due to issues with officers initially submitting the claims on the system. This will hopefully be rectified soon for those officers still waiting for payments.

The following process should be followed on your return from deployment to ensure your SOA and meal claims are being processed:

- Officers from deployments 1-8 NSWPF have been contacting officers direct or PAC/PD Managers to collect meal claims – if officers have not received payment/made a claim they should email their PAM/DAM and request the information be provided to the Region Business Manager.

- From Deployment 9 (16/8) all officers have been given instructions to send any meal claims to the below SMAC box within 5 days of returning from deployment (this also includes Inspectors)

- All meal claims, requests, queries can be directed to #PTPSCBorder
- At the end of each fortnight the claims that have been received will be processed – next upload is scheduled for 7/9/20

The PANSW encourages all members on return to follow the above processes and ensure they have been in communication with their PAM or Business Manager to ensure payment will be processed. If any member has concerns over the non payment or claims not being processed and have followed the above guidelines please contact the IOC on 9265 6777 or for assistance.

  • Note: the El Sierra Motel in Barooga will no longer be used, with the last members staying there on the night of Wednesday 26th of August.


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