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Pre-Election Submission: NSW State Election 2019

Our in-depth pre-election submission identifies issues important to our members ahead of the 2019 NSW State Election. The Police Association is calling on all candidates to provide a clear position on where they stand with regard to these issues. Read more...

Working In Heat

In extreme heat, workers must be able to carry out their work without a risk to their health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable.

Beyond Blue survey - Answering the Call

Beyond Blue has released ground-breaking research into the mental health and well-being of police and emergency service personnel across 33 agencies in every state and territory.

Lockout Laws at Risk

This week, NSW cross bench MLC Robert Borsak will put a new Bill to Parliament repealing Sydney’s lock out laws. Tell MLC Robert Borsak and key decision makers that these life-saving laws should not be scrapped.

Prisoner Transport Dispute Activity Log

10 years of ongoing negotiations and evidence put to NSWPF that prisoner transport is not a police function and takes police away from their core duties. This is a timeline of the actions that have been undertaken to progress this dispute.

Injured Police Officers

In San Francisco, Sergeant Eric Batchelder is a fully operational investigator working on the street, despite the amputation of his lower left leg. This would not be the case in NSW...


NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance calls for Newcastle-style restrictions to be introduced to licensed venues statewide

A new push will be launched today for earlier legal ‘last drinks’ and lockouts for licensed venues – like the conditions in Newcastle CBD, Sydney CBD and Kings Cross – to be rolled out across the state.

I fear a return to bloodied brawls on Sydney's streets

As a first-response police officer working in Sydney for the last 20 years, I’ve witnessed first hand the important changes between pre and post lockout eras, and the difference between spending entire nights pulling apart drunken assaults, to now moving these resources to proactive work facilitating a better response to crime.

1500 new police coming across state

THE NSW Government has announced there will be 1500 new police officers across the state in a move that is the biggest influx of recruits in more than 30 years.

NSW to get 1500 more new police officers

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Police Minister Troy Grant have announced the NSW Police force will be bolstered by 1500 new officers.

NSW urged not to end Sydney lockout laws

Politicians who vote to repeal Sydney's controversial lockout laws will have blood on their hands, a group of NSW emergency service workers say.

Tamworth crime: residents share crime concerns with Back the Blue petition

Crime concerns saw people lining up in droves to sign a petition for more police officers on the ground.

More than 200 registered child sex offenders evade police in one Australian state alone - as officers admit they can’t cope

New figures released by the Police Association of New South Wales have revealed police do not know the whereabouts of 201 offenders in the state.

Child sex sickos go unmonitored, dodging stretched police

More than 200 registered child sex offenders are missing in NSW — and police have no idea where to find them.

NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy

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