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The Association is moving to replace Police Payroll Deductions with direct debit for the payment of membership fees.

IOC Help Desk

Your online resource for Industrial and Membership Benefits assistance with PANSW. Send us your enquiry.

Police News

The official journal of PANSW. Published monthly by Countrywide Austral and distributed free to members.


Safer Cities Summit

Public Sector Network's Safer Cities Summit 2018 on 6th & 7th February in Brisbane, is an Australian based two day event focused on bringing together key civic safety focused government stakeholders from around the world to tackle important challenges.

PANSW calls for 2,500 extra officers to deal with threats to public

PANSW President, Scott Weber, tells Mark Levy on 2GB that NSW needs an additional 2,500 officers to prevent terrorist incidents and organised crime.


Residential Course at AIPM: Balance – Women Leaders in Public Safety. 20 - 23 March 2018 / 13 - 15 June 2018. Applications close 5pm Friday, 5 January 2018.

PANSW Media Release: NSW Government must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2,500 Officers.

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) today called on the Government to stop gambling with the safety of the people of NSW. For years, the police officers of NSW have strived to do more to service and protect the community without the necessary resources.


Former police officers and their families are being urged to make contact with NSW Police Legacy’s support initiative BACKUP For Life as it expands its services in the new year.

'Science, politics, and the play of chance in recent Australian drinking law changes'

Outstanding academic article and research by Professor Kypros Kypri of Newcastle University on the benefits of shorter trading hours in Newcastle, Sydney, Kings Cross, Queensland and internationally.

Injured Police Officers

In San Francisco, Sergeant Eric Batchelder is a fully operational investigator working on the street, despite the amputation of his lower left leg. This would not be the case in NSW...


Police call for social media to face up

The Police Association has slammed the social media giant for its reluctance to remove the twisted message, which it called “nothing short of sickening”.

The "last drinks" laws reducing violence in Australia

For years it looked like Australians could not give a Castlemaine XXXX for their rising tide of alcohol-related violence. Then, a decade ago, one city called time, literally.

Newcastle solution is working

For emergency services workers like myself, and anyone else who has ever been exposed to the horrors of drunken violence, it’s without question that the Newcastle solution is working.

What are the rifles given to 50 NSW cops?

The Colt M4 Carbine is a semi-automatic firearm designed for lightweight mobility, speed of target acquisition and "potent" firepower capability, according to the manufacturer.

Emergency workers slam NSW lockout review

Emergency service workers have slammed a review to loosen Newcastle's lockout laws, questioning whether NSW is being run for the community or the liquor industry.

NSW Police Association Central Hunter branch halt industrial action over police numbers

Confidence that more officers will join them on the ground has led Central Hunter police to put their industrial action plans on ice.

"The government can no longer gamble with the safety of the people of NSW."

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) has criticised the low number of officers in the NSW Police Force.

Mayor comments on police numbers

Narromine mayor Craig Davies said he would welcome extended hours for police and extra officers appointed to the shire.


NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy

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