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PANSW member, Michael, shares his experience with both physical and mental illness on the job.

NSW cop savagely bitten

Police call for mandatory disease testing following a savage attack on a member earlier this week.

2019 NSW State Election: Comparing the commitments on policing

Comparing the commitments on policing of the major and minor parties ahead of the 2019 state election

INTERVIEW: Police call for more funding to treat psychological injuries

PANSW Secretary Pat Gooley discusses psychological injury and importance of increasing funding for support services with Ray Hadley. A shocking 95% of medical discharges are due to Psychological injury.

NZ Police Association president on heroic cops

Following the tragedy in Christchurch, President of the NZ Police Association speaks on the heroic efforts of officers involved.

OPINION: Web of tragedy ensnares everyone involved, including police officers

When tragedy strikes, the damage left behind ripples throughout the whole community.  This is evident from the tragic incident on Thursday in Glendale when police were forced to defend their own lives from a man with a violent and troubled past.

Senior Constable Melissa Kilminster's Journey

Mel is the face of our CARE program and encourages NSW Police to utilise policies to support injured workers back into the workplace.


THE BURNING ISSUE, PART V | Government doesn't commit to extra police

The state government has not committed to providing extra police or community resources for Orange to fight against the city's spate of car thefts and fires.

NSW riot squad police injured in Greenacre trail bike brawl

An unregistered trail bike has sparked a violent brawl between a group of men and police in Sydney's south-west, which ended with a number of arrests made and a senior constable taken to hospital.

Bail refused for alleged NSW cop stabber

The 53-year-old man charged over the stabbing of a police officer with a hunting knife at Sydney's Central train station will remain behind bars until June.

Cops 'waiting desperately' for pollies to fulfill promise

NSW Police Association representatives says the Tweed Byron Police District is in a "staffing crisis” as it waits for politicians to make good on their promise of more cops for the region.

New BOCSAR study puts police staffing levels in focus

Extra police on the beat will more likely reduce crime rates through prevention rather than increased arrest rates, according to a new study from the state's crime research body.

Detectives lift lid on nation’s most compelling cases in Police Tape podcast

True Crime Australia will this week launch an exciting new 10-part podcast series to take subscribers for the first time behind the Police Tape for some of Australia’s most compelling crimes.

Calls for funding for support programs with 300 police officers leaving the force each year

NSW Police is in the grips of a mental health emergency with hundreds of highly trained officers leaving each year suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Glendale police shooting: Mother Gabriella Thompson's killer Tafari Walton was on bail for jail stabbing

GABRIELLA Thompson, a young Hunter mother, was brutally stabbed to death by her ex-partner, 21-year-old Tafari Walton, a troubled young man with a history of mental illness and domestic abuse who only seven weeks earlier had been granted bail and released on parole.

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NSW Police Legacy

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