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Celebrating 100 Years

Join us as we turn back the pages and reflect on the milestones and achievements of each decade.

Covid-19 Alerts

Quick links to NSW Government sites and also to latest announcements.

IOC Help Desk

Under current Covid restrictions PANSW remains open for business even though our physical office is temporarily closed. All enquiries will be attended to. Send us your enquiry.


AEC Post-Election Report - Casual Vacancy election E2021/104

The Post-Election Report and Declaration of Results.

A big win for Parental Leave

A very important upgrade to your parental leave entitlements and arrangements for all parents has been secured.

Optional Disengagement Announced

The NSW Government has announced an Optional Disengagement Scheme for NSW Police will be implemented.

Police Legatees: Their Stories

NSW Police Legacy share stories from the lives of Police Legatees

Making a difference in the Central North PD

In 2021 the Central North PD Youth Program has been making a difference through strong connections to Ruby League.

New Shadow Minister Walter Secord

Recently elevated NSW Labor leader Chris Minns has announced Walter Secord as his new Shadow Minister for Police.

Speaking Out

This is not a time to disrespect NSW Police

Mandatory Disease Testing legislation

Common sense prevails to take Mandatory Disease Testing legislation forward.

PFA's new Mental Health and Wellbeing study

The national policing body, the Police Federation of Australia (PFA), invites member participation in the new Mental Health and Wellbeing study focused on the role that family members of a police officers have during episodes of deterioration of emotional wellbeing.

President's Conference Speech

You can read the opening speech made by PANSW President Tony King to Delegates at our 2020.1 Biennial Conference here.

Media Centre

Read the latest headlines and news coverage of Policing issues in the media on the Headlines page.

See PANSW statements on a variety of policing issues issues on the Media Releases Page.

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