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PANSW Promotions Survey - Results

To ensure police have an effective and fair promotions system, The Association asked members what they want the promotions system to achieve through a confidential survey. The survey results provided a clear indication of the direction members want for this review.

NSW Police Legacy: Knowles Family Appeal

Injury and illness can strike anyone, including our members. When it does, the effects run deep throughout the whole police family. In early May, Det. Snr. Constable Damien Knowles was diagnosed with cancer.


PANSW member, Michael, shares his experience with both physical and mental illness on the job.

NSW cop savagely bitten

Police call for mandatory disease testing following a savage attack on a member earlier this week.

2019 NSW State Election: Comparing the commitments on policing

Comparing the commitments on policing of the major and minor parties ahead of the 2019 state election

INTERVIEW: Police call for more funding to treat psychological injuries

PANSW Secretary Pat Gooley discusses psychological injury and importance of increasing funding for support services with Ray Hadley. A shocking 95% of medical discharges are due to Psychological injury.

NZ Police Association president on heroic cops

Following the tragedy in Christchurch, President of the NZ Police Association speaks on the heroic efforts of officers involved.

PANSW Headlines

BOCSAR reveals police assaults in Parkes, Central West and Western NSW

While assaults against police officers appear to be on the rise in some areas in the Central West, the numbers in Parkes have dropped by half compared to the previous year.

Teen charged after allegedly kicking and punching police officer

A 14-year-old girl has been charged after a female police officer was allegedly kicked and punched at a shopping centre in Sydney's north.

NSW policeman stabbed with 'crude' weapon

The Police Association says on average there are 50 assaults against police every week in NSW, after a police officer was allegedly stabbed in the neck and hand at Sadleir.

'There are people who don't respect the uniform': Sydney's most dangerous areas for police

Liverpool, where a 24-year-old police officer was allegedly stabbed and "slashed" in the neck by the son of a man he had gone to arrest on Tuesday, is one of Sydney's riskiest areas for police.

Bryson Anderson Memorial Match in Bathurst

A NSW police officer killed in the line of duty will be honoured during a day of rugby in Bathurst this Sunday.

Cop this for a workplace

MOAMA police station has been called the worst designed premises in the state.

NSW Police vow to end 'boys club' problems

NSW Police are promising to dismantle their despised promotions system, end the force's "boys club" culture, and clamp down on sexual harassment in a bid to level the playing field for female officers.

NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy

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