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The Association is moving to replace Police Payroll Deductions with direct debit for the payment of membership fees.

IOC Help Desk

Your online resource for Industrial and Membership Benefits assistance with PANSW. Send us your enquiry.

Police News

The official journal of PANSW. Published monthly by Countrywide Austral and distributed free to members.


PANSW Member Survey: NSW Police Uniforms

The NSWPF has decided to modernise its operational uniform which is currently before the Uniform Standards Committee. This is your opportunity to tell us your thoughts on uniform issues so that we can collate the results and better represent your views.

NSW POLICE LEGACY APPEAL: Supporting Senior Constables ‘Jono’ Wright & Matt Foley

On the evening of Friday, 16 February the lives of two police officers were changed forever and while both are now in stable but serious conditions, they face lengthy recovery periods.

EOI Role of Board Member NSW Police Legacy

Expressions of interest for appointment to the role of Board Member, NSW Police Legacy. A not-for-profit organisation, NSW Police Legacy (NSWPL) is our charity and continues to look after the families of deceased Police Officers across NSW.

Election for Delegates to Biennial Conference and Ordinary Executive Members.

Please be advised that the Australian Electoral Commission has called for nominations to fill positions of Delegate to Biennial Conference and Ordinary Executive members.


The Police Association of NSW and the NSW Police Force, have partnered with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to create a nationwide blood drive in recognition of the near-fatal stabbing of Detective Sergeant John Breda.

PANSW calls for 2,500 extra officers to deal with threats to public

PANSW President, Scott Weber, tells Mark Levy on 2GB that NSW needs an additional 2,500 officers to prevent terrorist incidents and organised crime.

PANSW Media Release: NSW Government must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2,500 Officers.

The Police Association of NSW (PANSW) today called on the Government to stop gambling with the safety of the people of NSW. For years, the police officers of NSW have strived to do more to service and protect the community without the necessary resources.


NSW Police spending whole shifts taking prisoners to court across the state leaving towns ‘at risk’

REGIONAL cops are being dragged from frontline work to spend whole shifts transporting prisoners to court in a farcical situation they warn is leaving their towns severely vulnerable.

NSW towns left without first response police

Officers are being taken away from frontline work to transport prisoners to court, leaving small towns at risk.

Hero NSW police officer leaves hospital

The NSW veteran police officer who almost died after being stabbed while arresting an alleged child sex offender has been released from hospital.

NSW spends less on crime fighting than any other state and has fewer police officers per person

But despite the shocking findings, contained in a new Productivity Commission report, Police Minister Troy Grant yesterday insisted the NSW Police Force was “the envy of the Western world” and said statistics showed crime rates were falling.

Sydney to mark Hilton bombing 40 years on

Four decades after a bomb blast ripped through a Sydney street, the city will pause to remember the lives lost and reflect on how one of Australia's first tastes of terror changed the nation.

Sydney housing crisis puts essential services under pressure as workers leave city

There are calls for more subsidised housing for Sydney's essential workers after a report found the city was losing workers because of the housing affordability crisis.

Five years on, Bryson Anderson's family are still waiting for answers

When Sydney Detective Sergeant John Breda was viciously stabbed on Friday afternoon, cops – and their families – felt the pain and the anger.

Police call for social media to face up

The Police Association has slammed the social media giant for its reluctance to remove the twisted message, which it called “nothing short of sickening”.


NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy

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